Save the Flamingos

kitsch blow mold lawn art

Bluemingo: blue flamingos


collecting pink flamingos One of the known variants of Don Featherstone's original pink lawn flamingo is the rare Bluemingo. It is a solid blue plastic blow mold flamingo with black and yellow beak. This particular lawn flamingo has an interesting history.

One person's art is another person's trash. Some short-sighted communities and neighbourhoods actually had the audacity to ban pink flamingos from their lawns! Can you imagine? In order to circumvent this ban, Union Products wisely chose to create a blue lawn flamingo with an official colour name of "Caribbean Blue", much to the delight of flamingo fans everywhere. In due time however, these blue flamingos resulted in the ban of all flamingos from lawns. Fortunately times have changed since then.

The box of the Bluemingo is no different from the standard box, indicating itself to contain a pair of pink flamingos. As you can see however, these particular boxes contain a pair of Bluemingos. Signature and mold markings are the same as the common pink lawn flamingo.

Bluemingo box

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