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Collecting pink flamingos -- 1950s kitsch icon


collecting pink flamingos
Why collect pink flamingos? When people think "pink flamingo", they no longer just think of the animal. Since the invention of the lawn flamingo in the 1950s, pink flamingos have been an icon of kitsch and a popular item to collect. For most pink flamingo collectors, it usually starts with a pair of lawn flamingos and escalates from there. Next thing you know, there's a house full of pink flamingo items.

It is true: pink flamingos like to gather in flocks! If you can think of it, you can find a pink flamingo on it. Look around, you might be surprised where a pink flamingo for your collection might turn up. And of course, once word of your collection gets around, all your friends and family will bring you pink flamingo items "because I just thought of you." Watch your collection grow fast.

Vintage pink flamingo decor

Some items you might encounter when shopping for vintage pink flamingos include:

Note: I have not to-date seen a ceramic flamingo wall pocket.

Pink flamingo collecting tips

When buying and selling pink flamingos, bear in mind these three factors:

  • Know what you're buying before you buy it. Check reference guides for information on how the piece in question is marked, what sizes it was available in, any variants in painting or colours that you should know about?
  • Condition: Is it mint condition? Is it unused? Any chips, cracks, crazing, or obvious damage? A mint complete set of an older item is rare. Ceramic flamingos come in pairs and have a third piece (a pond), for example.
  • Demand: Popular items sell for proportionally higher prices simply because there are more potential buyers.

As to where to go, try any of the following:

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