Save the Flamingos

kitsch blow mold lawn art

Featherstone flamingos


union products lawn flamingos Don Featherstone designed the classic pink lawn flamingo in 1957. Starting in the 1990s, the sheer volume of imitations forced Don to modify the mold: it now includes his signature below the tail of each flamingo.

Identify your flamingo

The traditional plastic pink flamingo comes in a two-pack with Don's signature as part of the blow mold. One flamingo is upright at 3 feet tall, the other has head lowered as if searching for food.

don featherstone flamingo signature

The reverse side of the flamingo will be stamped "Union Products" with the mold dates and item number.

union products lawn flamingos

Accept no flamingo substitutes: always check for Don's signature!

Featherstone Flamingo boxes

The box of the basic flamingo is rectangular, indicating itself to contain a pair of pink flamingos.

Featherstone Flamingo box

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