Save the Flamingos

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Our feathered friends


Flamingos in Florida flocking
Animal adoption has become a popular way of supporting charities that care for endangered and threatened species. By adopting a wild animal one can help finance conservation research, the upkeep of the animal, rehabilitation & reintroduction, anti-poaching patrols, habitat protection and restoration, wild animal rescue, education and political lobbying for threatened species.

Although animal adoption may sound like a conservation gimmick, the money received by these charities goes directly into conservation and animal welfare. Rather than waiting for change to come about through governments, why not make a difference yourself and support those who are on the front line of conservation by adopting a wild animal? Our feathered counterparts need help too even if not pink and plastic. While not quite endangered yet, many types of flamingos are threatened due to human stupidity and short-sightedness in destroying their habitats.

Flamingo conservation

Adopt a flamingo

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