Save the Flamingos

kitsch blow mold lawn art

Get flocked with pink flamingos


Get flocked to raise funds
If you need a quick fundraising idea for your community, church group, or school, consider having a Flamingo Flocking Fundraiser!

The basics

Have participating members pre-order a "flocking" for an unsuspecting target. A standard "flocking" lasts from 5am until that evening, at which time the flock "migrates" to the next target. You can also sell Flamingo Insurance if someone does not want their lawn "flocked". It's very fun.

How many flamingos in a "flock"? How much to charge per flock?

  • Small flock, 12 flamingos for $10
  • Medium flock, 24 flamingos for $15
  • Large flock, 36 flamingos for $20

Tip: I suggest buying enough flamingos to have three or four "flocks" out at a time, but it depends on how many households are participating.

Flamingo insurance

If you are offering Flamingo Insurance, $10 is the usual base rate.

flamingo flocking is fun
A flamingo flocking in progress.

Sample forms

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