Save the Flamingos

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Holiday flamingo decorating ideas


Celebrate every holiday with pink flamingos
Why should cement geese be the only yard art allowed to dress up for the holidays? Let your flamingos join in the holiday fun!

For those who like to display their lawn flamingos year-round, there is a wide assortment of flamingo who are suitable for every holiday imaginable. Would you like zombie flamingos for Halloween? How about Santa flamingos for Christmas? And who wouldn't like a nice turkey flamingo for Thanksgiving? It's the other pink meat!

Christmas flamingos

Celebrate Christmas pink flamingo style. Santamingo and his reindeermingos would only add to the festivities. For added holiday fun, display them with sets of red and green flamingos.

Halloween flamingos

Have yourself a spook-tacular Halloween with pink flamingos made creepy. Choose from zombie flamingos, devilmingos, skelemingos, witchmingos, or the ever-popular orange and black flamingos.

Thanksgiving flamingos

There's no need to display a boring turkey in your yard for Thanksgiving when you can have a turkey flamingo. Its close cousin also looks great in autumnal orange and yellow.

Easter flamingos

The Easter Bunny will be sure to stop at your house when he sees a display of Easter flamingo and pastel friends.

Patriotic flamingos

Show your American pride with these patriotic red, white, and blue flamingos. These would look great displayed with a flag. Who needs pink with these colours?

Happy Everyday flamingos

There's no reason to restrict bright flamingos to holidays-only. Celebrate everyday with a set of 6 rainbow-coloured lawn flamingos.