Save the Flamingos

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How to help save the flamingos


help save flamingos Lawn flamingos have become an endangered species due to short-sighted individuals who refuse to allow them lawn room. They seem to have space for concrete bird baths and wily garden gnomes, but to suggest including a pair of flamingos is to risk being shunned. It is a tragic state of affairs for a pink creature who once ruled America's lawns.

You can do your part to help save the lawn flamingos by having at least one pair on your lawn. Not only does this provide a safe sanctuary for the poor badgered flamingos, but this will also promote awareness of the plight of the flamingo when everyone stops to ask about your fantastic flamingos (and they will stop to ask).

How about a pair of flamingos for your lawn? Buy a set, and see where it goes from there.

I bet you will discover that you can’t have just one pair of flamingos! Trust me, at my house, we are "those neighbours" -- we really do have an entire flock of Featherstone Flamingos in the front yard. They are trying to repopulate lawns across America one lawn at a time.

Buy a pair of your very own if you don't have any pink flamingos in your yard yet.


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