Save the Flamingos

kitsch blow mold lawn art

Lawn flamingo decor


lawn flamingo decor ideas

If you can't get enough lawn flamingos, how about some lawn flamingo art for your home or garden? Embrace the kitsch with lawn flamingos everywhere. Your neighbours will love it and be sure to comment on your tastefully kitsch decor.

Start a new trend by decorating with flamingos!

For the garden

Don't limit your lawn art ideas to a normal pink plastic flamingo when there are metal flamingos and other specialties which would make fine garden centerpieces!

For the home

It's not enough to fill your yard with lawn flamingos. Your walls could use a touch of pink while you're at it.

Lawn flamingo books

Can’t get enough lawn flamingos? How about some lawn flamingo books so you can read more about them? Try one of these classics about the classic lawn flamingo. Self Stirring Mug