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kitsch blow mold lawn art

Off-brand lawn flamingos


Accept no substitute flamingos
Tragic but true: there are lawn flamingos migrating around which are not from Union Products. While the Featherstone signed Union Products lawn flamingos are of course the best, you may encounter the others while out and about. A pair or two may even follow you home if the price is right.

Embrace the kitsch with lawn flamingos everywhere. Your neighbours will love it and be sure to comment on your tastefully kitsch decor.

Use this easy guide to identify off-brand flamingos and other flamingo garden art.

Oriental Trading Company

Oriental Trading lawn flamingos This pair of baby flamingos are from Oriental Trading Company.

They are made of a hard plastic in a two-piece mold, and they are more purple than pink. There is a set with two "adult" flamingos and two baby flamingos, and another set with just two baby flamingos.

Unlike the Union Products flamingos and most of their imitators, they aren't blow mold lawn art. The quality just isn't there but they are both cheap and easy to acquire.

If your budget for lawn flamingos is low, these may be a good choice.

Pink Inc

Pink Inc produces a huge assortment of lawn flamingos. Their design is distinctive in that the legs peg into a "thigh" section on the flamingo's underside. This helps keep the legs in place.

Colours offered by Pink Inc include pairs of black, red, crimson, dark blue, dark orange, gold, green, light blue, light pink, maroon, orange, purple, royal blue, silver, white, and yellow. You can buy two different colours to make a four-pack for your favourite sports team, or for a holiday. There is also a rainbow pack of six flamingos (great for Pride Day).

Pink Inc lawn flamingos Pink Inc lawn flamingos Pink Inc lawn flamingos

For holidays, Pink Inc has a single standard pink flamingo available in several outfits such as a bunnymingo, an Uncle Sam mingo, a witchmingo, and a turkeymingo. There are also pairs of devilmingos, skelemingos, a two-pack consisting of an angelmingo and a devilmingo, and a special four-pack of Santamingo with three reindeermingos.

Pink Inc lawn flamingos Pink Inc lawn flamingos Pink Inc lawn flamingos Pink Inc lawn flamingos Pink Inc lawn flamingos

Other flamingo lawn and garden art

Some of these are things I had seen one time at the garden supply store and not since. There's usually no brand info or markings on this kind of thing.

Tip: If you find something you like, grab it while you can because you may never see it again.

The collection currently includes an Allied Precision flamingo watering can, a vintage metal "flamingo crossing" sign (yard sale find), a large metal garden spike, a pair of flat metal skelemingo garden spikes, a couple of plant picks, wind chimes, a metal hanging spinner, and mini-spinners.

allied precision water can lawn flamingos metal flamingo crossing sign for lawn flamingos metal garden spike lawn flamingos metal garden spike lawn flamingos plant pick lawn flamingos plant pick lawn flamingos wind chimes lawn flamingos hanging spinner lawn flamingos mini spinner lawn flamingos

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