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Celebrate Pink Flamingo Day

Celebrate Pink Flamingo Day!

History of Pink Flamingo Day

Pink Flamingo Day was declared in 2007 by Dean Mazzaralla, the mayor of Leominster, MA to honour the creator of the plastic lawn flamingo: Don Featherstone. It is a day to celebrate the icon that is the pink plastic lawn flamingo.

Decorate your front yard on 23 June each year with pink plastic flamingos to celebrate Pink Flamingo Day. A minimum of four flamingos is required to have a decent size flock. Buy at least two sets of lawn flamingos (four flamingos in total) to have yourself a nice little flock in your yard. Think pink by showing your love for pink flamingos on Pink Flamingo Day!

National Pink Flamingo Day is 23 June!

How to help save the flamingos

help save flamingos Lawn flamingos have become an endangered species due to short-sighted individuals who refuse to allow them lawn room. They seem to have space for concrete bird baths and wily garden gnomes, but to suggest including a pair of flamingos is to risk being shunned. It is a tragic state of affairs for a pink creature who once ruled America's lawns.

You can do your part to help save the lawn flamingos by having at least one pair on your lawn. Not only does this provide a safe sanctuary for the poor badgered flamingos, but this will also promote awareness of the plight of the flamingo when everyone stops to ask about your fantastic flamingos (and they will stop to ask).

How about a pair of flamingos for your lawn? Buy a set, and see where it goes from there.

I bet you will discover that you can’t have just one pair of flamingos! Trust me, at my house, we are "those neighbours" -- we really do have an entire flock of Featherstone Flamingos in the front yard. They are trying to repopulate lawns across America one lawn at a time.

Buy a pair of your very own if you don't have any pink flamingos in your yard yet. It's a great way to celebrate Pink Flamingo Day!

Get flocked on Pink Flamingo Day

Celebrate Pink Flamingo Day!

Celebrate Pink Flamingo Day with a Flamingo Flocking.

If you need a quick fundraising idea for your community, church group, or school, consider having a Flamingo Flocking Fundraiser! Hit as many houses as your budget and flock allow. What a great way to share the lawn flamingo love!

The basics of flamingo flocking

Get flocked to raise funds Have participating members pre-order a "flocking" for an unsuspecting target. A standard "flocking" lasts from 5am until that evening, at which time the flock "migrates" to the next target. You can also sell Flamingo Insurance if someone does not want their lawn "flocked". It's very fun.

How many flamingos in a "flock"? How much to charge per flock?

Tip: I suggest buying enough flamingos to have three or four "flocks" out at a time, but it depends on how many households are participating.


How much to charge for flamingo insurance?

If you are offering Flamingo Insurance, $10 is the usual base rate.

flamingo flocking is fun
A flamingo flocking in progress.

Sample order form

Flamingo Flocking order form

Name of "victim":

Address of "victim":

Special instructions:

How large a flock?

Is this an anonymous flocking?

Your name:

Your phone number:

Thank you for your support!

Sample explanation note to leave on the front door of the "victim"

You've Been Flocked!

One of your friends has arranged for these flamingos to flock to your yard. Later this evening they will migrate to the lawn of the next victim. Flamingo removal will be perfomred at no additional charge, so please don't hurt our pink friends.

A small donation is required if you would like to specify the next victim.

Name of group:

Contact person:

Phone number:

This flocking arranged by:

Thank you for your support!

Sample flocking insurance form

Anti-Flamingo Flocking Insurance

By purchasing this anti-flamingo insurance, I possess a guarantee that no flamingos will roost on my lawn for the duration of this fundraising event.

This insurance requires a premium of a mere $10.

Policy holder name:

Policy holder address:

Thank you for your support!

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