Save the Flamingos

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Pink flamingo dessert ideas


Bake a pink flamingo cake
Pink flamingos are such a versatile theme that a pink flamingo dessert would be perfect for a theme party, a birthday party, or even a wedding. It’s a great go-along for the most kitsch theme and also for Alice in Wonderland parties. It is the perfect dessert to serve on Pink Flamingo Day.

Depending on your party needs, you might choose to make a pink flamingo cake, cupcakes, cake pops, cookies, or pink flamingo shaped candy.

Get creative with your pink flamingo cake

If you feel creative, you can make a variety of unique pink flamingo cake designs.

Basic cake pans and fondant for a flamingo cake

Make a flamingo pond cake

Pink flamingo cake pops and cupcakes

With pink flamingo cake pops and cupcakes, you can be as easy or as creative as you like. You can go basic and simply add a pink flamingo pick to the top of each cake pop. If you feel really creative, you can even make the cake pops into pink flamingos! Dip a pretzel stick into melted pink candy melts for the neck, then create the head from a pink jelly bean and a banana candy with some black icing on the tip of the beak. Wings can be shaped from pink fondant.

Pink flamingo cookies and candies

Flamingo shaped cookies are easy to make with a flamingo cookie cutter. Decorate your cookies with pink icing and detail them with some black icing for an added touch.

It is also easy to make pink flamingo candy. If you have never made candy before, you don't know how easy it is. Just melt the candy melts in the microwave and pour into the pink flamingo candy molds, covering the stick completely. For an added decorative touch, put some nonpareils in the mold first.