Save the Flamingos

kitsch blow mold lawn art

Realmingo: large flamingos


One of the known variants of Don Featherstone's original pink lawn flamingo is the rare Realmingo. It is a solid pink plastic blow mold flamingo with black and yellow beak, but in a larger size (almost 1:1 scale).

Everything about the Realmingo is larger than standard Featherstone flamingo. The box of the Realmingo is larger than the standard box, indicating itself to contain a single Realmingo in either a "Feeding" (bent) at 41" tall or "Standing" (upright) position at 52" tall. Signature is the same as the common pink lawn flamingo -- only larger. Mold markings are coded for one of the two Realmingo molds.

Realmingo box

Realmingo box

Realmingo box

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