Save the Flamingos

kitsch blow mold lawn art

Zombie flamingos


collecting pink flamingos One of the known variants of Don Featherstone's original pink lawn flamingo is the rare Zombie Flamingo. It is a solid black plastic blow mold flamingo with faint white stripes, red eyes, and a fanged beak. This pair was a new offering in 2015 and is still available in the appropriate season.

The box of the Zombie Flamingo is noticeably different from the standard box. It is labelled as a "spooky twist on America's favorite lawn art" and "2 Creatures inside" rather than any mention of pink flamingos, with a picture of the Zombie Flamingo pair eating a jack o'lantern festooning the box. Signature is the same as the common pink lawn flamingo. No other mold markings are present.

Zombie flamingo box

Zombie flamingo signature

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